-18 - 22 October, Sand Castle Days South Padre Island, TX

2 - 6 November, 25th American Championships, Ft. Myers, Fl

9-14 November, World Championships of Sand Sculpture, Doubles Division, Siesta Key Crystal Classic, Siesta Key, Florida, USA

16-20 November, Sanding Ovations, Treasure Island, Fla. USA

17-28 November, World Championships of Sand Sculpture, Solo Division, Fort Myers, Florida, USA

Sand Masters is an American reality-television series that premiered on June 1, 2011 on the Travel Channel. The show follows a team of sand sculptors as they travel to various locales to create elaborate sand structures for their business clients. The first two episodes of the series aired on Wednesdays at 10 pm but it was moved to its current time slot on Sundays at 7 pm EST.

"A team of six talented sand sculptors travel all over the world to create unimaginable, massive masterpieces made from sand. These "Sand Masters" design colossal works of art while battling seemingly insurmountable challenges—unpredictable weather, wildly ambitious designs and overly demanding business clients."


Rusty Croft
Kirk Rademaker
Sue McGrew
Morgan Rudluff
Matt Long
Chris Guinto
Andy Gertler
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